SAFE: A Novel Microwave Imaging System Design for Breast Cancer Screening and Early Detection-Clinical Evaluation

Janjic, Aleksandar
Cayoren, Mehmet
Akduman, Ibrahim
Yilmaz, Tuba
Onemli, Emre
Bugdayci, Onur
Aribal, Mustafa Erkin
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SAFE (Scan and Find Early) is a novel microwave imaging device intended for breast cancer screening and early detection. SAFE is based on the use of harmless electromagnetic waves and can provide relevant initial diagnostic information without resorting to X-rays. Because of SAFE's harmless effect on organic tissue, imaging can be performed repeatedly. In addition, the scanning process itself is not painful since breast compression is not required. Because of the absence of physical compression, SAFE can also detect tumors that are close to the thoracic wall. A total number of 115 patients underwent the SAFE scanning procedure, and the resultant images were compared with available magnetic resonance (MR), ultrasound, and mammography images in order to determine the correct detection rate. A sensitivity of 63\% was achieved. Breast size influenced overall sensitivity, as sensitivity was lower in smaller breasts (51\%) compared to larger ones (74\%). Even though this is only a preliminary study, the results show promising concordance with clinical reports, thus encouraging further SAFE clinical studies.
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breast cancer, microwave imaging, early diagnosis, clinical study