Comparison of factor XII levels in gestational diabetes, fetal macrosomia, and healthy pregnancies

Ozbasli, Esra
Takmaz, Ozguc
Karabuk, Emine
Gungor, Mete
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BackgroundIf not detected and treated, gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) can cause serious pregnancy complications such as macrosomia, preeclampsia, and fetal/neonatal mortality. Many studies have examined underlying contributing factors for GDM, including hypercoagulation. Factor XII (FXII) is a coagulation factor that increases throughout normal pregnancies, and we evaluated the relationship of GDM with FXII, FXIIa (activated FXII), and other coagulation parameter levels. GDM and macrosomia are closely related, but it is not known whether FXII could be an independent causal factor for macrosomia.MethodsIn this prospective study, blood samples were taken from 69 pregnant women at the time of term delivery to determine levels of FXII, FXIIa, and other coagulation parameters. Based on the results, pregnancies fell into GDM, non-diabetic with macrosomia (M), or healthy (C {[}control]).ResultsFXII concentration levels were significantly higher in GDM patients compared with the M and C groups. There were no significant differences when comparing FXIIa, activated partial thromboplastin time, prothrombin time (PT), and international normalized ratio. The GDM group saw a significant negative correlation between FXII concentrations and maternal pregestational body mass index (BMI) and BMI before delivery. In the M group, a positive correlation was observed between FXII concentrations and newborn weight and newborn weight percentile.ConclusionsAn increase in FXII levels was observed in patients with gestational diabetes. Associations between coagulation parameters and GDM should be further analyzed to define the mechanisms of GDM and possible treatment modalities.Trial registrationOur study has been registered at (NCT03583216). Registered on July 11, 2018,
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factor XII, pregnancy, gestational diabetes