Two Branches of the Same Tree: A Brief History of Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society (1914-2016)

Artvinli, Fatih
Erkoc, Sahap
Kardes, Fulya
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Introduction: The aim of this article is to provide a brief history of Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society by examining its institutional background, the milestones within its history, and the major activities undertaken by the organization during the years. Methods: Firstly, the books, journals, and articles that are related to the history of psychiatry and neurology in Turkey have been reviewed and the information that can explain the history of the society has been brought together. The founding records, regulations, journals, and congress booklets of Tababet-i Akliye ve Asabiye Cemiyeti (Society of Psychiatry and Neurology) have been examined and the newspapers of the period have been reviewed to collect news concerning congresses and meetings. Besides, oral history interviews have been conducted with regard to the recent history of the society. Results: Although the roots of neuropsychiatry in Turkey date back to the mid-nineteenth century, the first society, which was called Tababet-i Akliye ve Asabiye Cemiyeti (Society of Psychiatry and Neurology), was founded in 1914. The organization now maintains its activities under the name Turk Noropsikiyatri Dernegi (Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society). Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society has organized monthly meetings, conferences, and national congresses and has published numerous scientific journals in the field of neuropsychiatry over the past century. Conclusion: As one of the earliest societies of medical specialty in Turkey, Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society has played a crucial role in the development and institutionalization of psychiatry and neurology. The administration and activities of the society occurred in the following institutions respectively: Toptasi Asylum (1914-1925), Bakirkoy (1925-1955), and Capa (Psychiatry Clinic of Medical Faculty of Istanbul University). The society was mainly composed of psychiatrists and neurologists
however, neurosurgeons, psychologists, and neuropsychologists also attended the congresses and meetings held by the group.
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History, history of medicine, history of neuropsychiatry, 20th century history