Rational guidewire use in the coronary chronic total occlusion interventions

Karabulut, Ahmet
Gorgulu, Sevket
Kocagoz, Tanil
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Background: Procedures for coronary chronic total occlusion (CTO) are still a clinical challenge with relatively lower success rates. Recent advances in the biotechnology and introduction of CTO-dedicated guidewires have increased the procedural success rate of CTO interventions. Herein, we aimed to reveal the clinical and angiographic predictors of the crossability of the initial guidewire choice and rational guidewire usage in CTO interventions. A total of 177 patients with an indication for a coronary CTO procedure were included in this study. The use of 1-3 guidewires and crossing of the CTO lesion with the initial guidewire choice was defined as rational guidewire usage. The CTO lesions were classified according to the Japanese chronic total occlusion registry (J-CTO) and EuroCTO scores for evaluating the difficulty of the procedures. Then, a statistical analysis was performed to assess the initial guidewire choice, crossability, and contributors to rational guidewire usage. Results: The mean J-CTO score was 1.42 +/- 1.16, and the mean EuroCTO score was 1.44 +/- 1.18. The success rate of the procedures was 90.4\%. The initial guidewire choice crossed the lesion in 44.1\% of the cases, in which 1-3 guidewires were used (82.1\%). The crossability of the polymeric and moderate stiff tip guidewires was higher (82.1\% and 64.1\%, respectively), and the Pilot series was the most successful brand (36.2\%). Logistic regression analysis confirmed that J-CTO score, procedural technique, guidewire type, and stiffness of the tip were the major predictors of rational guidewire usage. Conclusion: Our analysis showed that the use of polymeric and moderate stiff tip guidewires, particularly the Pilot brand, were associated with rational guidewire usage in easy and intermediate difficulty CTO cases.
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Affordability, Coronary chronic total occlusion, Clinical practice, Guidewires, Percutaneous coronary interventions