A new hereditary colorectal cancer network in the Middle East and eastern mediterranean countries to improve care for high-risk families

Ghorbanoghli, Zeinab
Jabari, Carol
Sweidan, Walid
Hammoudeh, Wail
Cortas, George
Sharara, Ala I.
Abedrabbo, Amal
Hourani, Ijad
Mahjoubi, Bahareh
Majidzadeh, Keivan
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Colorectal cancer (CRC) has a very high incidence in the western world. Data from registries in the Middle East showed that the incidence of CRC is relatively low in these countries. However, these data also showed that CRC incidence has increased substantially over the past three decades and that a high proportion of cases are diagnosed at an early age (< 50 years). In view of these findings, more attention should be paid to prevention. Because of the often limited financial resources, focused screening of individuals with hereditary CRC, in particular those with Lynch syndrome, appears to be the most cost-effective strategy. During recent meetings of the Palestinian Society of Gastroenterology and the Mediterranean Task force for Cancer Control (MTCC) in Jericho, and the Patient's Friends Society of Jerusalem in Hebron the issue of hereditary CRC in the Middle East was discussed and the idea was conceived to establish a network on hereditary colorectal cancer (HCCN-ME) with the goal of improving care for high-risk groups in the Middle East and (Eastern) Mediterranean Countries.
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Lynch syndrome, Familial colorectal cancer, CMMRD, Health care, Identification, Registry