The characteristics of COVID-19 vaccine-related headache: Clues gathered from the healthcare personnel in the pandemic

Ekizoglu, Esme
Gezegen, Hasim
Yalinay Dikmen, Pinar
Orhan, Elif Kocasoy
Ertas, Mustafa
Baykan, Betul
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Introduction Headache is a frequent adverse event after viral vaccines. We aimed to investigate the frequency and clinical associations of COVID-19 vaccine-related headache. Methods The characteristics, associations of this headache, main comorbidities, headache history following the influenza vaccine and during COVID-19 were investigated using a web-based questionnaire. Results A total of 1819 healthcare personnel (mean age: 44.4 +/- 13.4 years, 1222 females), vaccinated with inactivated virus, contributed to the survey
209 (11.4\%) had been infected with COVID-19. A total of 556 participants (30.6\%) reported headache with significant female dominance (36.1\% vs. 19.3\%), 1.8 +/- 3.5 (median: 1
IQR: 0-2) days following vaccination. One hundred and forty-four participants (25.9\%) experienced headache lasting >= 3 days. Headache was mostly bilateral without accompanying phenomena, less severe, and shorter than COVID-19-related headache. The presence of primary headaches and migraine were significantly associated with COVID-19 vaccine-related headache (ORs = 2.16 {[}95\% CI 1.74-2.68] and 1.65 {[}1.24-2.19], respectively). Headache during COVID-19 or following influenza vaccine also showed significant association with headache following COVID-19 vaccine (OR = 4.3 {[}95\% CI 1.82-10.2] and OR = 4.84 {[}95\% CI 2.84-8.23], respectively). Only thyroid diseases showed a significant association (OR = 1.54 {[}95\% CI 1.15-2.08]) with vaccine-related headache among the common comorbidities. Conclusion Headache is observed in 30.6\% of the healthcare workers following COVID-19 vaccine and mostly experienced by females with pre-existing primary headaches, thyroid disorders, headache during COVID-19, or headache related to the influenza vaccine.
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COVID-19 vaccine, vaccination, vaccine, headache, adverse event