The present and future opportunities of the Rare Cancer Network: an international consortium for advancement of oncologic care

Sio, Terence T.
Mirimanoff, Rene-Olivier
Ozyar, Enis
Belkacemi, Yazid
Miller, Robert C.
Villa, Salvador
Thariat, Juliette
Krengli, Marco
Scandolaro, Luciano
Atalar, Banu
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To date, the Rare Cancer Network (RCN) has initiated more than 90 studies and 54 peer-reviewed publications were produced as a result. The Second International Symposium of the Rare Cancer Network recently took place in Istanbul, Turkey on April 17-18, 2015, and update was given on multiple currently ongoing projects, while also giving room for new proposals which will shape the direction of future studies for the group. This companion issue of the RCN Proceedings summarized the findings of this meeting, while also serving as a call for fresh projects and papers which will continue to energize the group and advance the oncologic science. A brief introduction to the principles, history, and vision of the RCN was also included. To review, the academic year of 2014-15 marked an enormous success for the international members of the RCN, with the generation of 8 fully published papers and more than 12 newly proposed topics. By the collective efforts of all RCN members, in the future, we look forward to the upcoming opportunities in continuing to advance the standard of chemo-and radiotherapeutic oncologic care for selected rare tumor topics. The studies of these rare cancers often do not allow the design and execution of prospectively enrolled trials
however, these uncommon malignancies do impact the humankind and add to its suffering globally in significant ways.
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Rare Cancer Network, radiation oncology, radiotherapy, rare tumor, carcinoma